Use of Race Proceeds

Our city’s riverfront has undergone many changes since the first TRCKR!  That first year, the grass was waist-high, and trash was scattered all along the river’s edge from Tuscarawas Avenue to the power lines that supply Dover’s Electric plant.  Graffiti adorned the bridges and few people took the risk to enjoy the riverfront, for fear of who might be lurking in the brush.

With the introduction of the TRCKR, many folks have rediscovered our river and imagined what it would be like to have a park along the riverfront.  City leaders took the initiative to create a park for the many people who desired it!  First, the old brewery – a large, ugly, green brick building that was in bad shape and a safety hazard – was torn down.  Property was purchased.  A public boat ramp has been constructed.  The city started mowing many acres of grass along the riverfront.  Brush and trees have been removed, making the area visible from Front St. and both bridges.  People started walking along the riverfront and boaters rediscovered the beautiful river and fine fishing.

TRCKR has played a direct role in changing our riverfront.  The race is hosted by the Canal Dover Association, a non-profit group dedicated to the promotion of Dover and the historic preservation of Dover’s downtown and the old canal.  This group has a riverfront fund into which the proceeds from the race are deposited and used for riverfront amenities and river-users’ enjoyment.  Foremost, the race provided the man-power and public support for the grant money obtained to construct the boat ramp.  The race paid the city of Dover $7400 as part of the city’s grant matching funds.  That grant was the Cooperative Boating Facilities Grant offered by ODNR’s Division of Watercraft.

Today, you will see a Porta Jon at the new boat ramp’s parking lot in the summer months.  This Porta Jon is paid for with race proceeds.  The race committee was also instrumental in providing the signage to warn of the low-head dam downstream from the boat ramp and the new portage trail around the low-head dam.

The proceeds from the TRCKR will always be used for riverfront park user and river user amenities.