Bike / Hike Trail

Dover 2Members of the administration of the City of Dover, the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition, the HCDA and the Tuscarawas County Park Department have been meeting over the past few years to study potential routes for the Towpath Trail to link Dover from its current terminus near Zoarville and Route 800.  The HCDA is focused on efforts to develop a riverfront park in the area along the North side of the river bank starting East of the Wooster bridge and running West to the Tuscarawas bridge. We envision a park that would be a destination for families and sporting enthusisasts for boating, hiking and biking. Dover 3

The City of Dover continues to acquire additional properties along the North side of the river that is contiguous to other city-owned property that will provide additional riverfront property adjacent to the former Bernhardt Brewery property (which was demolished in 2013) that was donated to the City by the Marino family, which serves as an access point for this key trail link between Dover and New Philadelphia.  It has been through the HCDA’s  efforts involving the clearing of the area between the Wooster Avenue and Tuscarawas Street bridges and the construction of the replica of the canal tollbooth on Front Street  that provided the initial impetus for these efforts and focused attention on the overlooked resource that consists of Dover’s waterfront. Dover 4

The City of Dover has acquired a total of more than $350,000 in grant funding for aesthetic improvements to the area, including the new Tuscarawas Avenue bridge.  The HCDA strives to continue its efforts in improving this vital resource and facilitating the development of the riverfront area in Dover into an attractive recreational area, creating and asset for residents and visitors alike.

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